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Why book a Xemo?

Xemo provides an on-demand 12-seater shuttle service in comfort for commuters that have a common destination, without the hassles of over-crowding or the disruption of stops along the route. It's the limousine of public commutes!

Easy Booking

Unlimited routes! Just Book , Pay and Go.

Convenient & Comfortable

Take a nap, get some work done or just chill. No more driving to work.


Easy & Affordable

More affordable than Taxi or other ridesharing.

How it works

Tell us where you want to go

Simply search a route and we will find a trip that suits you based on your preferred location and time.

Confirm and Book 

Review trip details and book. Don’t worry, we don’t charge you until the trip has been completed.

Boarding Xemo and Go

Arrive at your pickup point and simply show your Xemo shuttle boarding pass. That’s it.

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How it works
Search. Pay. Go.

Search. Pay. Go.

Download the Xemo App and book your first Xemo today.

  • Search for unlimited routes.
  • Guaranteed seating once booked
  • Easy payment
  • Optimised route to get there fast
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