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Xemo provides an on-demand 12-seater shuttle service in comfort for commuters that have a common destination, without the hassles of over-crowding or the disruption of stops along the route. It's the limousine of public commutes!

Easy Booking

Unlimited routes! Just Book , Pay and Go.

Convenient & Comfortable

Take a nap, get some work done or just chill. No more driving to work.

Easy & Affordable

More affordable than Taxi or other ridesharing.

Search. Pay. Go.

Search. Pay. Go.

Download the Xemo App and book your first Xemo today.

  • Search for unlimited routes.
  • Guaranteed seating once booked
  • Easy payment
  • Optimised route to get there fast

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Xemo Shuttle is now live in Melbourne and Victoria region. Book a Xemo today.