Tired of driving to work? Sick of parking hassles ?

An on-demand shuttle platform providing a premium commuting experience that you could enjoy everyday.

Coming soon in Early 2019. Register for Interest to secure your seats early.

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Why use Xemo?

Xemo Shuttle


Guaranteed Seat and track the real time location of the Xemo.

Convenient & Comfortable

Take a nap, get some work done or just chill. No more standing or squeezing in.

Easy & Affordable

Book and Pay from your phone, hop on at a nearest Hop Spot. Fraction of the. cost of a taxi or uber.

Book and Hop

Book and Hop

Simply download Xemo App or book online. Choose your route, book your seat, simply hop on a Xemo.

  • Real-time tracking of shuttles
  • Guaranteed Seating once booked
  • Dynamic Hop Spot
  • Easy payment
  • Optimised routing to get there fast

Xemo is available soon. Register now.

Xemo will be available in early 2019. We will notify you when Xemo is available in your area. Please register now to find out more.