About Xemo

About Xemo

Xemo is a brainchild of four Melbournians who have experienced the daily struggle of commute for years. In 2019, we have decided to develop our mobility technology platform leveraging public transport data and transport service providers (e.g. bus operators, shuttle providers) to provide a better and more efficient shuttle service.

Our first goal is to launch an on-demand shuttle service using 12-seater shuttles. It’s convenient, affordable, reliable and easy to book, pay and ride.

Xemo team is consists of a group of highly skilled and experienced developers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Designed and developed in Australia, we are proud to be an Australian mobility startup tackling a long standing problem.


The motivation behind starting Xemo is to –  “address” not “adjust” to the  challenges of living in a metro city.


Unsurprisingly the challenge is global. Be it New York, Mumbai, Sydney, Shanghai or Melbourne all metros across the world face the same constraints – Parking, Traffic, Population to name a few.


Being technologists by trade the team figured the best way to address the challenge is to build a tech platform which could complement the existing infrastructure for the benefit of local communities – affordably and safely.