Universal Trip Booking Solution

The easiest way to accept and manage bookings for your organisation and business.

How it works

Xemo TRIP does not require any installation or download. We give you access to a self-serve portal, which easily add and manage your services. Once you have setup your service, you can inform your audience to download Xemo TRIP app to make bookings. Alternatively, you can simply promote it to thousands of Xemo TRIP users already, a great way to attract new bookings.


Point to Point or Multiple Stops
Set your pricing (adult, children), even promo code and concession
Scheduling (Timing and dates)
Seating capacity
Description about your service
Instant charge or post-trip charging
Easily manage manifest / passenger list
Public or private trip
Driver app to support real-time vehicle tracking
+ many more innovative features

In additionl, Xemo can provide access to operation portal to enhance your operations.

How much does it cost?

We provide you pay per booking fee option or a monthly subscription which supports unlimited bookings.

Is it for my business?

If you are one of the business below, you should consider to use Xemo TRIP booking solution.

Airport Transfer   Tour operator   School bus   Event organiser   Sporting club

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